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Wilkins Law Firm Attorneys At Law • Jacksonville, Florida Law Firm • Jeffery M. Wilkins, Esq. | Wolfgang von Mertz, Esq.

WILKINS LAW FIRM is a litigation law firm serving clients throughout the State of Florida. We are very mindful of the personal and financial costs of litigation. Accordingly, our goal is to quickly and efficiently resolve your case without protracted litigation by utilizing strategies of pre-suit negotiation and early mediation when possible. If those strategies are not successful we have the experience and training to effectively engage in the litigation process.

We pride ourselves on using the latest technology to efficiently handle your case and offer a “paperless” case management option that reduces your cost and streamlines the litigation process. Through assertive and creative solutions to your legal matters we are committed to protecting your interests.

Commercial & Civil Litigation

We understand that when disputes arise, whether in the professional or personal arena, it is a disruptive force that will have a significant impact on your daily life. When at all possible, our primary goal is to assist you in achieving a satisfactory resolution to your dispute before it progresses to litigation. However, when litigation is required we provide efficient and assertive litigation strategies to resolve your dispute. A few of the civil law areas we assist our clients with are: • Real Estate Litigation • Construction Litigation • Landlord and Tenant Litigation • Arbitration and Mediation • Contract Disputes • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims • Condominium Deposit Disputes • Debtor and Creditor Disputes • Fraud and Negligence Claims • Sale of Goods under the Uniform Commercial Code • Libel, Slander and Defamation Claims • Trade Secrets Infringement • Unfair Competition Claims.

Construction Litigation

We represent owners, developers, contractors, suppliers, architects and engineers in all aspects of the construction process throughout the State of Florida. A few of the construction law areas we assist our clients with are: Construction Liens, Construction Defects, and Delay Claims. The construction lien process provides the best protection to both contractors and owners to ensure that contractors are paid for their work and that owners only pay once for that work. However, the Florida lien law is very complex and is strictly construed, which if not precisely complied with will result in the permanent waiver of the rights and protections provided by the lien law. We assist our clients in complying with the lien law during all phases of the project, and should a dispute arise, enforcing their rights under the lien law.

Family Law

We represent families going through the difficulty of family litigation from the initial filing for dissolution to a successful agreement regarding child custody. We are committed to providing zealous representation in all divorce and family law matters. We understand that successful representation in matters concerning the family unit requires experience, insight and compassionate counseling. Our attorneys strive to preserve family relationships and family resources when resolving legal family law matters. Our goal in assisting our clients with their family matters is to try to achieve resolution through mediation and negotiation, and if settlement is not possible to proceed with litigation and zealous representation of their interests.

Property Management Law

We protect the interests of owners, property managers and business tenants throughout North and Central Florida. The economic downturn has resulted in greater challenges to property managers and commercial tenants. Our goal is to proactively limit disputes arising from these economic times by assisting our clients develop comprehensive lease agreements. However, when disputes arise we effectively utilize the litigation and mediation process to resolve those disputes.